The Vegas High

The lands of Madrigalejo are located just when the relief begins to be flat. The wild mountain ranges and the immediate mountains of the Villuercas Geopark were left behind. Peaceful lands where life is simpler, those of higher elevation that irrigate the irrigated lands of the Badajoz plan.

The land is divided into small properties, dedicated to various crops, mainly fruit trees and rice.


Madrigalejo is known for being the place where the events that led to the death of Ferdinand the Catholic took place. A relevant figure in the history of this country, here he also signed his last will and testament.

The events took place in the Casa de Santa Maria, owned by the Hieronymite friars of Guadalupe, were the last days in the life of a very sick king.


Madrigalejo is the hub of many places that resonate among the best natural and cultural areas of our land.

Guadalupe and the Villuercas Geopark are located nearby, as well as Siberia and Serena, and the best beaches of Extremadura… everything is half an hour or less away.

From this central and eastern part of the region, a land where the mountains end and peace begins.


The ancient remains date back to the Iron Age, mainly in the Castillejos site. From that period a Vetton boar, a gold arracada and other important remains were found. Also the Church of San Juan has elements as relevant as the original altarpiece and some sculptures of an undoubted artistic workmanship. We can also visit the Ermita de las Angustias, the fountains, the murals and a very well preserved village.


The Madrigalejo irrigated land also offers tourist possibilities. It allows visitors to learn about the rural and agricultural reality of the area, as well as to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and nature. It allows the irrigation of crops such as rice, corn, tomatoes or fruit and also contributes to the conservation of the environment and biodiversity.

We can admire the fruit trees in bloom in spring, which cover the landscape with colors and aromas, in summer begins with the filling of water in the rice fields and continues with the explosion of fruit trees. Then autumn and winter are left for birds and wildlife, which take advantage of all the leftovers from planting to harvesting.

and A Thrilling Story

In addition to its rich heritage, Madrigalejo offers exciting stories of our history and culture.

In addition to the death of Ferdinand the Catholic, we will find legends and knowledge that will add life to the rich heritage that shows.