Also at the behest of the City Council, Sojo performed, in May 2019.

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Exteriors, Every day

This mural located in the Plaza de la Ermita, to remember the daily life of the recent past, where a public fountain was located. Thus, the painting provides a snapshot of “water carrying,” an essential activity before running water reached homes. It is a group of four women carrying water pitchers at the rump and on their heads; a scene that takes place in a street painted with the trompe l’oeil technique.

The Luisa Fortuna Street is represented, although inverted; that is to say, the artist places the buildings on the left on the right side and vice versa. Both the street and the scenes are based on two 1954 photographs by the Bustamante Hurtado brothers.

To accentuate the optical illusion of the trompe l’oeil, the same façade where the mural is located forms part of the fictitious street, turning it into the two corners through which it would be accessed.