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The Madrigalejo food market is a building that was built in 1959, with the purpose of offering a space for the sale of local products, especially fruits and vegetables. It was rehabilitated not many years ago by a Workshop School that was operating in the town, where twenty people were trained and qualified in masonry, plumbing and electricity.
The market is located on San Juan Street, near the Plaza de España and the town hall. It is a one-story building with a brick facade and a gable roof. Its figure is very original, both in the shapes and the materials used, which are not very common in our towns. It is L-shaped, with two large naves that meet at the entrance, which occupies the corner of two main streets: there stands a kind of tower topped with a hipped roof in black tile. Yet another architectural detail will elevate its slender figure even more.
Inside there are several stalls where you can buy fresh and seasonal products, such as cherries, peaches, tomatoes, peppers or asparagus. Many things are produced in our irrigated lands or in Extremadura, all of them fresh.
The market also has a butcher’s shop and a fishmonger’s shop. The Madrigalejo food market is a place where you can appreciate the culture and gastronomy of the area, as well as the close and familiar treatment of the merchants.
Formerly there was a granary in the town, but in 1791 it was already ruined and that was detrimental to everyone, because its auditors had to look for houses to store the goods.
Since ancient times, in the towns there was a warehouse with the necessary supplies that ensured the basic demand of products. They also acted as a price control, as joint purchases allowed more favorable prices to be negotiated and the deposit allowed these to be made when the product had better prices.
The purpose of the granary was to support the poor in the time of the needs that occur for the shortages. “And so that the bread to be sold would be kept at a good price, and would not become more expensive due to the lack of storms. The main objective of this granary was to ensure that the shortage of bread would disappear and that the price of bread would always be lower than in other towns”.
In a Royal Pragmatic of May 15, 1584, King Philip II established the rules for the conservation and increase of the “pósitos” throughout the kingdom.
The market is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.