The “Decision” is a work by Sojo, dated January 19

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Exteriors, Every day

It reproduces the historical event of the signing of the will of Ferdinand the Catholic, which took place in Madrigalejo on January 22, 1516. It represents the moment in which the monarch, stripped of all attributes of his high dignity, and with pen in hand, prepares to sign his last wishes.

It was commissioned by the City Council, as part of the activities of the “Semana Fernandina”. It is located in the Plaza de España, in the space left by the setback of a building adjacent to the City Hall. The elongated vertical space conditions the figure of the king, represented in three quarters.

Brown and ochre tones dominate. The nightgown occupies a large part of the painting, with plays of light and shadow due to the wrinkles formed by the fabric, especially at the cuff of the puffed sleeve. The hand and the pen are in the center of the work, to give relevance to the act of signing the will.

Sojo chose as a model Vicente Rodríguez, actor of the short film “Laudes, el testamento de Madrigalejo”. With this work, the painter’s skills as a portraitist are evident.